Get the Top 100 MBA B-Schools Comparison here!
Get the Top 100 MBA B-Schools Comparison here!
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Complete Admission Guidance with
EduPeer's Holistic Approach

Maximize Your College Admission Chances
and Beat the Stress with EduPeer

This is how we support student journey through college admission process

Beat the College Admission Stress

This is how we support you...


You and your family’s interests and ambitions for college and career


To advise on your grades extracurriculars, test scores and other critical aspects of college profile


Colleges that match your personality and background


Salient features of the colleges to help decide where you would apply


On essay prompts and responses for each application


Resume and cover letter


Colleges that match your personality and background


And edit drafts until you have the best essay you can submit


Timely submission for ED, ED2, EA and RD


Colleges that offer you admission and help select the college that fits you the best


Transition to the college

EduPeer Difference

This is how we support student journey through college admission process

Holistic Approach
unique methodology takes into account your and your family’s goals and ambitions along with your interests and strengths to provide you personalized advice holistically.
College Mentor Advantage
We combine peer advice provided by the college students of premier colleges as well as the research and experience-based wisdom to bring the best of both worlds to you. You choose when you speak to peer-mentors and essay reviews, 1-on-1 Q&A and general advice.

International Reach
We will provide guidance based on college fit for you in any destination that you would like to go to. Our college mentors can provide you in-depth information about collages in the US, Canada, Germany. European destinations and many more.
Student-Centric Mindset
We understand that between school homework and extracurriculars, you don’t have much time for anything else. Therefore, our expertise is available in your home through video session and is flexible in terms of time and frequency. As long as you are consistent in your effort, we assure you positive results.

Support Beyond Admission
We will support you for an unlimited number of college applications, essay revisions, interview preparation, and college selection. But we go even beyond that - we support you in the transition to college with social and emotional adjustment for college life.

To provide focussed and individualized attention, we enroll only a certain number of students each year.
Please contact us to check for availability.

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