Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a student and planning to study at a college in the US or Canada then we have enlisted some select student mentors to guide you. Through a rigorous selection, we have handpicked mentors to help you on the most important journey of your life.

At EduPeer, we believe that nobody understands the journey to the college better than the students who recently went through the same process. As a student, they have encountered the same pressure of timeline stress, not finding their voice in the essay writing, not having a robust profile for the admission committee, etc.

If you are looking for help in selecting the right college; majors to study; right dorm/club; scholarship opportunities and how to avail them; getting your essay reviewed; discussing your extracurricular profile; college culture; student life, or anything related to college admission, then we have the right people to guide you through this maze.
Mentors are selected through a rigorous screening process. We check their credentials, their ability to communicate effectively and each Mentor goes through a selection interview with the EduPeer team.
Selected Mentors have indicated their available time slots and Skype-Id. You have an option of looking at time slots convenient to you and block those slots for a video chat. Each video session expected to be fifty minutes. To get the best results out of the session, you should submit three questions or topics that you want to discuss with your Mentor, ahead of time. At the scheduled time, you need to use Skype to connect with the mentor with the Skype-Id provided on their profile.
Yes. After each session, you will be asked to rate the session. Here you can provide your valuable feedback. We will share your feedback with the Mentors.
Yes. Prices for the session is determined by the Mentor. When you view the profile of a mentor, you can see the fee they charge per session.
You can make payment through any international debit/credit cards. Please note that GST will be applied to every transaction.
Our price is inclusive of government charges. There is no additional payout that you need to make.
If you have GST number and you want to avail of the input credit, please enter the details in the relevant box during purchase of the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any student who is currently studying in the UnderGrad, Graduate, MBA or PhD program, or has recently completed her studies can be a potential mentor.
Yes. Once an interested candidate fills in Mentor registration form, EduPeer team will set up a screening call time with you. In our chat, we would like to understand your:

  • Motivation to be a mentor
  • Experience in community outreach or any other social engagement
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Ability to listen, empathize and articulate your message
  • Ability to engage in a meaningful conversation
On successful selection, Mentor will be asked to provide a valid copy of their student ID card or badge. To qualify for the first $20, mentors need to provide at least one blog or podcast related to the college admission experience or process. Also, each Mentor should be available to do four free introductory sessions of fifteen minutes each with the fellow students. Mentors are also encouraged to share their college essay. As we come up with additional offerings for students, mentors can earn some funds with their essay views.
Here is a stepwise description of the process:

  1. After you complete your profile, including your skype-id availability schedule, mentees will be able to see your profile on home page and in search results.
  2. Depending on your availability, they will book a time slot with you. During this process they will submit up to three questions/topics that they would like to discuss with you and get your input. Once that happens, you will get an email informing you of the appointment with the information.
  3. 24-hours before the scheduled meeting, you will get an email to remind you of your appointment.
  4. At the scheduled date and time, Mentors are expected to be available on Skype. Mentees are expected to join the video chat. After the initial introduction
As a mentor, you are expected to share your knowledge, experience and insight into the college admission process, student life in the new country, and, guide the mentee on how they can improve their chances of admission. By active listening and empathy, you can help mentees in understanding the college life in a new country, a little better.

At no stage, you are expected to share any confidential insights that you may have gained by working with the college admission team. Also, it has been made abundantly clear to mentees that they should verify all the information and not blindly follow the points that may emerge in their conversation with the mentors - you should follow the same thought process.
Yes. Each session between Mentors and Mentees is expected to be of 50 minutes, and you get 10 minutes to wrap up. For each hour of Mentorship, you decide your fee and specify it in the registration process.
We encourage you to do your best to be present for the mentor at the scheduled time. Delays and cancellations affect your brand negatively. Under unforeseen circumstances though, go to and cancel the session as soon as you know that you cannot make it. It will send a note to the mentee and will invite them to come to the site to set up another session. Please note that mentee may choose another mentor for that session.
From time to time, we plan to conduct leadership training that includes topics like, Effective Mentoring, Giving Effective Feedback, Helping Work through Strong Emotions, etc. The coaching may be in the form of articles, videos or webinars. We will also reach out to your individually, if the feedback from the student mentees and their family, brings out a growth opportunity for you.

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